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Catholic Community Service                 

Plot de Rust 1676, Old Fouriesburg Road                                                                            

Eden, Bethlehem, 9700                                                                                                      


P O Box 1893                                                                                                      

Bethlehem, 9700

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CCS subscribes to The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa. 

Telephone: 058 303 9447

Fax: 058 303 8584

Email: director@ccsbhm.co.za

NPO: 006-940

PBO: 93000177

AGRI/c prov/0417/13


B-BEE: EME05/04/2013/F253

How to donate

Click on the button below to donate. If you want to support a specific program, specify the name of the program you want to support in the message section. Thank you for your support!

CCS is registered as a public benefit organisation (PBO). This means that when you make a donation, you can ask us for a receipt entailing you to tax-deduction. Your donation will cost you less than what we will actually receive!

The amount qualified for tax-deduction is limited to 5% of the total taxable income of the taxpayer making a donation.


Ex: If you have an annual taxable income of R280 000, the maximum deductible donation to CCS is R14 000. This means that your effective out-of-pocket expense actually is R8 480 (60% of the amount donated).

                                                                     Thank you for your support!!!